• Success or Downfall of Mobile Wallet Payments

    Mobile Wallet Payments have come a long way. In the 90s physical wallets used to be the bomb. There would be long queues at the local bank. Bundles of cash would be stashed in wallets as people sped off to pay their bills. The rest was left in an ATM.


    Not any longer. Teller jobs at the banks are quickly being replaced by self-service mobile wallet systems. Nobody wants to babysit your money today. Control has been given back to the customer.


    Despite the popularity of the idea, mobile wallets have their fair share of challenges. What determines whether a mobile wallet system perpetuates itself? How do you point out the ones that will fall behind? Here Yee Kok Siong a currency trader, sheds some light on this topic.


    Customer Acceptance


    This is the fundamental driver. A good example would be the M-Pesa Mobile Wallet. Innovation from a Kenyan Company Safari-com in partnership with Vodafone. The mobile wallet began as a mustard seed in the East African Region in 2007.


    East Africans adopted the wallet. A case study into the success of the company shows that Afghanistan and South Africa have taken up the wallet.


    Here are the reasons behind the success. The wallet permits clients to store cash into an account on their mobile phones. Money can be sent to parties utilizing PIN-secured SMS instant messages. Customers are charged a little expense for sending and getting cash out.


    M-Pesa is not a brick and mortar company but a network of certified agents. They are airtime and credit resellers. This means that access is not limited by location.


    Company Operation and Capability


    Substantial financing and sponsorship are crucial for mobile wallet companies. The reasons behind this are as follows. Most wallets are in the beginning phases. Additionally, new entrants are coming in every year.


    Strong branding and mega marketing campaigns are the distinctions between the ones that will be relegated to the backburner and those that will make it.


    A solid marketing plan is how customer knows about a wallet. Merchants will not adopt a portfolio if they cannot see how they stand to gain. Solid accreditation is important in driving the following level of shipper and client appropriation.


    Square has more than $20 in financing. Team this up with merchants in the banking sectors and it's a company set to win.


    Trader Acceptance


    This is simply the rate at which retail stores come on board. How many stores can one walk into and buy goods using the wallet? A portfolio's ability to permeate across a region is the factor for growth.


    Wallets such as Google with multi-channel exchange choices are additionally going to have a better chance as opposed to prohibitive single channel alternatives.


    The present technologies NFC or QR codes do not seem to be doing a lot in this area. For a mobile wallet company to make headway, a winning arrangement would have zero cost of adoption for merchants. As retailers adopt, customers have to come on board.


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